Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Update

[Stole the pic but it feels like my life.]

Nothing like September first to make a person feel happy with their life. Guess what I'm NOT doing on September first? I am not moving! For those of you who don't live in the Greater Boston Area, September first is the most popular move in date for apartment rentals. Having worked in real estate, I vowed years ago to never be on a 9/1 lease.

However, I am helping my friend M move. As she is the lucky recipient of my mattress/boxspring, we just loaded that into her moving truck. I'm jealous of how easy it was to get out from how hard it was to get in. Granted, getting it out meant that we'd already done the mental work to figure out how to get shit from one side of the door to the other, but still.

It is hotter than hell here -- it's been highs in the 90s all week (currently 85F at 8:40pm), and is due to stay in the 90s until Friday, when it's in the 80s. This weather scares me. I don't deal well with the cold, but I do miserably with the heat. I was woken up at 2:30 am last night with the worst headache in my life -- that's right, the headache woke me up. I'm assuming dehydration. After 3 tumblers of water and an hour and half (and a mini-snuggle from Mister), I was finally at a point where I could go back to sleep. It is HOT.

At least I wound up working every day this week except Saturday -- it means I'll be in AC during all of this shit. Why am I working 6 days when I'm supposed to work 4? Funny story. Long story short, I'm not allowed to re-hire (sorta) this girl. Which is apparently inducing legal action on her part because she feels in the right. As the owner put it, "there isn't a place in the US where you are allowed to not show up to work without notice and expect to keep your job".

The other bittersweet thing to have going on is that I don't have a garden. Everyone who does is apparently up to their knees in produce because of the weird weather. Well, I don't have a garden, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of produce. I have bitten the forbidden fruit of canning and I want more!

Note to self: definately find a way to plant next year. Don't wait until the last minute to figure shit out.

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