Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Furniture Rearranging

Mister and I (ok, mostly Mister) have rearranged and modified his apartment to make it more liveable. Not in the least was the sorting through of boxes -- that have been in the corner since June 2009. Yep.

Here is what needs to be done still:

This is the pile of stuff that will not stay in here. Boxes are to go to M, electronics to the recycling center at Mister's work, and Goodwill items to Goodwill.

There are more books than shelving in this apartment -- hence the pile of homeless books. This needs to be remedied. (Please ignore that pizza plate behind the curtain...)

The stuff on the couch is what was deemed important from the massive amount of boxes that we went through -- it now just needs to also find homes.

But look at what we've done! You've already seen the large pile of stuff to LEAVE the apartment -- that is particularly impressive in my book (I'm a hoarder).

The dining area look particularly darling and usable. This is a change from how it's been in the past.

The old TV stand has been repurposed to house alcohol underneath and dishes on top. (The TV is next to the computer, on the desk now). As the alcohol is now out of the kitchen, that means that pots and pans now have a home. As the dishes now have a home, they no longer have to sit either in the dishwasher or on top of the table. With the speaker next to the (former) TV stand, the silver chest also has a home that is not the top of the table. Yay for things having a proper place!

And last but not least, the Dictionary Stand that Mister inherited has a home and looks cute. Before, it just looked like another addition to the clutter. Yay for decluttering!

And now, to tackle the bedroom! (dun dun duuuuuuuuuun)

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