Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Spending Month

So I've already started our No Spending Month to a bad start -- I went out with a group of friends for drinks, nibblies, and karaoke last night. I spent $37 -- which really isn't that bad for all that we did. So maybe I'll have my No Spending Month go to 9/7 to make up for my lack.

We have so many veggies in the house at the moment, I'm really excited to use them! J said that she'll hang out while I make pickles (she's not interested in pickle-making, but when I said I didn't need enthusiasm just convo, she said she'd love to hang), so I should plan that soon.

The caveat for our No Spending Month is to only buy food (or gas/T card as needed). No going out to eat, no drinks, no going out for tea (we have a friend who will habitually call either of us up and go "I need tea and convo"), etc.

[As I was typing the last sentence, I realized that Mister had made plans with a friend to go out tonight b/c the friend seems to be in distress -- it looks like Mister's month will go to 9/8 :-P]


So in thinking about food, what will we need to be buying...

We have veggies for maybe 4-5 days, so we should stop at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday and pick up veggies.

I have beans at my house, I should bring some over and/or we could buy some meat (perhaps at the Farmer's Market again).

We have a little ricotta and a few eggs left, so we'll need to buy milk, cheese, eggs, and whatever else looks good.

We'll need bread, and some other grains.

I think I will work on trying to get out to a U-Pick and getting fruit for jelly and such. If I can't garden this year, at least I will work on preserving.

... need to buy canning supplies!

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