Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plans and More Plans

Since I have nothing better to do than sit around and plan, that is what I do a lot. My plans for this upcoming year:

Household Stuff
-- declutter majorly. I have the 100 Things (to give away/get rid of) list on my sidebar, and there is only one item on it. I need to work on that.
-- organize clothes seasonally. I usually keep all of it out "just in case I need a sweater!" or whatever. Organize!
-- get rid of what clothing is dead: I'm terrible at buying more of, but not getting rid of old underclothes in particular.
-- clean the house on a regular schedule. Mister and I want to be able to cancel the cleaning lady that his LL is insistent upon. That's just a waste of money.
-- find proper food storage at Mister's apartment.

Social Stuff
-- get cards night permanently up and running. If it needs to be every week to do so, then I'll make it every week.
-- start a knitting/crocheting group. Perhaps once or twice a month.
-- perhaps do a brunch monthly. Rotate homes and such.

Sustainability Stuff
-- actually eat the food that I store! Plan meals and menus around storage.
-- organize how and where I'm planting before spring comes around.
-- get more rags and cloth wipes in lieu of paper towels -- we already use cloth for some kinds of clean-up, I just need to expand that.

I think that's all that I can feasibly expect to work on. Yay plans!

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