Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burritos... my doom?

Even though Mister and I have sworn to not spend money, and sworn to not eat out, we both ate out yesterday.

I think my excuse was much better: I called R and said "let's do dinner at my house!" and she said "well... I was kinda thinking Anna's (cheap burrito place)". I say "but I'm trying to save money..." and she goes "it's just that I keep wanting to eat all these things that I'll never have again back home in India!" And that was that. Who am -I- to restrict my friend from cheap burritos when she'll never have them again after 2 weeks?

Mister's co-worker said "have plans for dinner? Come out with me!" And they went and got burgers. NOT THE SAME MISTER, NOT THE SAME. Although, he did meet me with potatoes in hand... He might be slightly forgiven.

Folks, the problem is this: after 3 years of being around Mister, I've gotten into the same habit: "but I just want to eat out. It's nice, it's comfy, the food's good, and we don't have to do anything! [except pay of course]" This is a BAD place to be for a young Doomer.

Granted, I excuse some of it by saying "By supporting this coffee shop with is local, organic, and uses all fair-trade items, I am saying that I support their efforts!" and then I go blow $3 on a small chai which I could easily make at home (and have!).

I just... need to eat the food I buy more often. I think half the problem is that the food is usually in the wrong apartment related to where I'm standing. Whoops?

Need to figure this out...

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