Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Belated Rhubarb Tarts in Jars Photos!

It has been brought to my attention that I neglected to post the pictures of the rhubarb tarts that I made for the BBQ last week. So, with much delay, here they are! (In case you are wondering, they were a huge hit! So try this today!)

Just the crust in the jars. Because I'm using 15 oz. PB jars, and that's a wee bit difficult to get the dough in, I cut a circle to put on the bottom, and then rolled the jar along a rectangle of dough to create that shape.

Some corn flakes crumbled in the bottom to attempt to mop up any excess liquid.

A close up of the rhubarb compote cooling, with the extra raw pieces thrown in for texture.

Both jars filled prior to baking and sprinkled with sugar. I just took a bigger piece of dough and attempted to crimp it. Semi-successful.

After baking!


  1. I know, long time no see! I am currently jobless so I have ample time on my hands - which means that I've been giving myself lots to do. :P my house is actually clean, I'm practicing my instrument, the laundry's done, the garden weeded and my wedding nearly planned... But all that means no blogging. :P

    I'll return, I swear!

  2. Cutie - pie!!!! Pun intended. Those look great.