Thursday, May 5, 2011

House Cleaning

Mister and I are not what one might call experts in keeping house. We're both fairly ADD, lazy, and after all, it's our own mess! But we've been eating out (or ordering pizza) for average one meal a day for a week or two. This is Not Acceptable to either of us.

Yesterday, Mister pinpointed that the kitchen being a mess was part of the problem, and cleaning it would solve many things (not the least giving us a clean kitchen). So with a will, he set to work.

Myself, feeling very discouraged by the kitchen, decided that it was time for me to tackle the Pile 'o Laundry, both clean and dirty, that was our bedroom. After four hours of work, we emerged victorious with a nearly clean kitchen and a nearly neat bedroom. It being 1am, we figured it was bedtime -- so we read until 4am. :-P

This morning, I woke up feeling like I wanted to do something. Heavens forbid that I work on the project of massive amounts of work, so I decided to tackle the pile of fruit that was growing sadder and sadder by the day.

The pear was a complete loss. Rotted clear through.

But the bananas became banana bread. The apples are becoming applesauce. The clementines are becoming marmalade. I consider this productive! It's amazing what a clean kitchen makes you want to do!

(There will be pics, but as I'm still in the process of making these, I'll post later.)


  1. Your bedroom sounds like mine. There's nothing I find more tedious than sorting through laundry.

  2. And it seems like we're doing laundry all the time. So every now and again, I'll do laundry, AND fold and put it away. But then it seems like the next day, there's another pile and I'm like "didn't I just do this? I deserve a break..." :-P