Monday, May 23, 2011

Costuming Round Up

So, the project is over, the con is done. I made two corsets, a vest and skirt combo, and four bustle skirts based upon this incredibly easy pattern.

The one thing that I would say about the instructions is this: don't worry about it. The designer is apparently overly fussy. That, and I didn't bother to pin the bustle flat -- I pinned it on a form, as any sensible person should do (rather than pin it flat, put it on a form/person, and futz with it for a while).

K -- could we have you and/or mom put on the bustle and just take a snap shot of the back and side views? That'll be quick and easy. Thanks!


  1. Show me con costumes! Oh, wait. Your mum probably has hers. Can *she* take pictures and send them along?

    And while I love spotless kitchens, I'm less then impressed. Do you know why? Because I'm the finicky good fairy of kitchens, that's why. Remember? =)

  2. I don't have any photos here, but I'll try and get them out of my mom and sis. I don't think I had any photos taken of me... :-P

    Well, with the kitchen clean, we can cook with good conscience!