Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corset Update!

So I took photos of the entire process of making the corset, bar drafting the pattern (sorry R!). Warning: massive use of an iron ahead!

Having chalked on the pattern onto the fashion fabric with 1/2" seam allowances.

The coutil (black) and the lining (blue) cut out.

A close up of the coutil fabric. Coutil is a super tightly woven canvas-like fabric that is used as the foundation of corsets.

Attaching the coutil to the fashion fabric along the seamline (where I want the seams to be). After sewing, press flat.

After cutting out and adding coutil to two pieces, I sewed them together. Note the fun in pinning opposing curves!

After removing all of those pins, press the seam open.

You'll then want to trim the seam down to 1/4". Note the difference between before and after. :-P

You're then going to cover each seam with prussian tape, and stitch along each side of the tape to tack it down. Press after sewing.

A close up of the prussian tape: this is 1" wide softly woven tape, that has the flexibility of bias tape, but is far sturdier and doesn't ravel.

At the ends of each chain of pattern pieces (5 per side of the corset) I satin stitched the edge. I would have serged it if I had a serger, but that's how it goes.

A long shot of all that I completed before work. Not bad for about 4.5 hours of work!

Still to be completed: putting together the lining, attaching the bone casing, putting in the bones (perhaps cutting and tipping bones as well), attaching lining to the corset, putting on the hooks and eyes, and adding grommets. It looks like I'll have time to make myself a shiny new corset as well!


  1. I'm very impressed. I've never seen a corset being made, and it's all very interesting.

  2. Also, apparently wrong google account. :-P

  3. I keep semi-wanting to start a corset business, but as you can see it's a massive amount of work -- a.k.a. a massive amount of money to make it worth my while. Even at $10/hour (what I make at the ice cream store) it's about $300.

    But since we're going to an event that will have lots of people that like corsets, I figure both my mom and I will hand out lots of business cards as well as being walking ads! :-D

  4. I give up. This is far too sophisticated for me. If we're ever in the same town again, I'm totally eating into a chunk of your time till you show me the ins and outs. I'm not following it too well via pics.

  5. Ah, well. I tried. Not MY fault that it's too hard for you! :-P We can make you a corset if you'd like.