Monday, May 9, 2011

Costume Update

So remember the outfit I was making for my mother? Well, since I last wrote about it, the hong kong seams for the skirt has been completed (from start to finish for each seam (including cutting out bias tape) it was ~45 mins!), and the skirt stitched together. It wants a "skirt belt", and some hemming by hand, which I'm putting off until I can no longer feel like I'm wasting time by not being at the machine.

That was completed by Saturday morning. Also on Saturday, I made the vest.

Previously, all that was completed was the cashmere was cut out. I also had to cut out the lining (98% silk, 2% lycra -- what a dumbass I am!), and throw it all together. The collar is not lying as flat as I would like, and I totally set in the collar upside down twice in a row. Because I was feeling like the vest was going far too easily, I decided to up the difficulty level by throwing in some little welt pockets.

So I pulled out my Stitch Bible and discovered that the instructions were cryptic. (These were written by me, mind you) So to the internets I went, only to find more cryptic instructions that were more difficult.

So after staring at my demo piece and staring at such phrases as "...attach the pocket front to the front..." (<-- I suck), I mostly figured it out. Sadly, I mostly figured it out AFTER completing one and realizing why it sucked.

But they're not that bad, and they're only 2" long anyways.

I also have the most adorable buttons for it!

So I finished that Saturday as well and began the corset on Sunday.


  1. LOVE the buttons!

    And your workmanship is fantastic. I'm a total dilettante... I can mend, but that's about it.

  2. That's better than a lot of people -- I've just been doing this kind of thing for years.