Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I've been "commissioned" (a.k.a. volunteered) to make an outfit for my mother. As some of you know, my mom, sis and I are going to the Steampunk World's Fair! in PA at the end of this month. When discussing costuming for it, my mother kinda went "oh... well... y'know... I'll just wear anything... put me in whatever you want!" To which my sis and I went "oh dear".

So I'm making her a lovely two piece skirt and vest combo with a corset as well.

The preliminary sketch of what it'll look like (ignore the feet in the drawing):

In the midst of creating the pattern:

This was the first project that I used my chalk holder for, and I have to say that I'm pleased with it. Cutting out along a line is infinitely easier than cutting around the pattern. The fabric shifts, and the pattern shifts, and the act of cutting creates valleys and mountains in the fabric... just draw a line.

A shot of the mock-up of the vest. It fit my mother beautifully, with two changes needed: make the arm scythes a little bigger, and have it cover less of the chest, so as to show off the corset.

A shot of the mock-up of the corset. It needs an inch taken in at the top center (half an inch from each side) and larger seam allowances (as it currently has the edges extend beyond each other). It fit my mother much better than it does the dressmaker's form.

You'll have to take my word on it that the skirt is thrown together as well, as any shots of it involve it draped on a chair or something.

I have now put a call out to a friend to have sewing nights at her house, as my machine is unreliable and I KNOW it would love to eat my beautiful cashmere woolen.

After all this is done, I get to throw something together for myself! Yay! :-P

Also, for those who enjoy sewing, tailoring, or historical costuming, Vintage Sewing is a FABULOUS resource. They upload vintage sewing books, and the amount of detail that is gone into... I mostly worked with a book from the 40s for this project, called Modern Pattern Design by Harriet Pepin.


  1. Wait, did I land on the wrong blog?! Since when are you a seamstress? You're a woman with many surprise talents: crocheter, musician, gardener, forager, and now seamstress - what else? :)

  2. :-D I've actually been sewing longer than any other of those things. Not as well as I do now, but well enough.