Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So apparently life has been happening. The first Craft Brunch came and went, Easter, planning the second craft brunch, costuming, oodles of *joy* at work (for certain values of joy), lots of stuff!

I also have consistently been a lazy bum regarding blogging.

(R -- I will try out that Mint Chutney with Basil as soon as both plants are bigger. I think I have about three mint leaves tops.)

So here are some pictures to get caught up:

Happy Dwarf Grey Snow Pea plants!

Happy Vermont Cranberry Bean plants!

Happy Lincoln Shell Pea plants!

Slightly less happy Midnight Black Turtle beans! (They almost drowned due to a gigantic hole in the gutter that they were previously under, and when we dumped out most of the water in emergency evac, there were some torn leaves.)

Basil is making out like a bandit! His birthday is coming up soon, he'll be one!

Happy Arava Canteloupe seedlings!

Moderately happy Baby Pam Pumpkins! (I think I killed one seeding, which makes me sad.)

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