Monday, April 11, 2011

Current State of Affairs

Above is a wee diagram (click on the image for greater detail) detailing what my backyard currently looks like. It's color coded, for ease of view. The green plant-like objects are what was previously planted: chives and rosemary. Red is the Tigers Eye Dry Beans, Orange is Raven Zucchini, Yellow is Common Mint in a tub (that looks like it already has mint in it!), Lime Green in Bouquet Dill, Light Blue is German Chamomile, Dark Blue is Arugula and Purple is Salad Bowl Lettuce.

All of the above was direct seeded, and, aside from the beans and zucchini, pretty much just sprinkled on top and watered with Compost Tea to settle it.

Since the Greek Oregano I have stated that it will spread in a clump, I also potted it and it is currently out front sunning with his new friends.

From L-R, Vermont Cranberry Shell/Dry Beans, Lincoln Shell Peas, Basil, and Greek Oregano.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas in their new pot.

Midnight Black Turtle Beans also repotted.

I also bought some long pots for the front porch and put the beans and peas in their new home -- as they sorely needed it! Apparently, the beans were trying to put roots through the towel into the ironing board they were sitting on. Silly beans! All I need is to rig up some string for trellis'.


  1. Oh, wow. You'll be eating well this summer!

  2. If it all grows and works out, I hope so! My guy keeps trying to say that I'm doing too much at once... but I keep throwing more seeds in the ground when he's not looking. :-P

  3. I'm liking this place more and more!

    And you, you need to help me with the colour scheme. I went sari shopping during this big sale we were having, and then I realised I've NO idea what colour you look good in :-) (the sale is over now, drat! still, I'll look hard for a bargain)

  4. Okay, tip for your Recipes to Make Soon post: when making the Sri Lankan, mustard, remember to add salt to the ginger and garlic and mustard seeds when soaking, not after! Mustard seeds ground or pasted without the salt seeping in will turn inedibly bitter.

    Also, the turmeric is just for colour, not taste. You can skip if you like. And try to substitute green chilies instead of cayenne powder. Okay, all done :-)

  5. I'll add that to the post with the recipe. :-P