Friday, April 8, 2011

Seed Planting Again

So in addition to the seeds the I already planted (Baby Pam Pumpkins, Arava Cantaloupe, Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas, Lincoln Shell Peas, Midnight Black Turtle Dry Beans, Vermont Cranberry Shell/Dry Beans), I planted a few more today.

Along the right-hand side of the garden, next to the garage, I planted a row of Tiger Eye Dry Beans, and next to some strange trellis-y thing I planted a few Raven Zucchini seeds.

Seeds Planted:
-- Baby Pam Pumpkins (20 seeds, 2 per pot)
-- Arava cantaloupe (20 seeds, 2 per pot)
-- Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas (20 seeds, 1 per pot)
-- Lincoln Shell Peas (20 seeds, 1 per pot)
-- Midnight Black Turtle Dry Beans (20 seeds, 1 per pot)
-- Vermont Cranberry Shell/Dry Beans (20 seeds, 1 per pot)
-- Tiger Eye Dry Beans (20 seeds, 1 per space)
-- Raven Zucchini (8 seeds, 2 per space)

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