Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday Dinner Party

Since the boys totally went all out on the dinner they made us M and I decided that Something Must Be Done.

(Apparently also, M's boyfriend keeps making that stew and going "you'll never top this.")

So, here is the fabulous Italian inspired dinner to whup the boys' French inspired dinner:

Course One: Antipasti platter
Course Two: Pasta with garlic and oil (we'll probably get a really awesome looking pasta)
Course Three: Sliced strawberries and kiwi in a fun design
Course Four: Braised beef with a wine and mushroom sauce, topped with fried onions
Course Five: Steamed fresh sugar snap peas with lemon juice
Course Six: Biscotti, espresso, sambucca

We'll also have little Petit Four holding the place cards at the table (since M does love her little desserts).

We're going to WIN. :-D


  1. Not in my book, you don't, cupcake. The sorbet and the buttery French dinner towtully took my breath away.

    Besides, pasta in garlic and oil (and crushed toasted ine nuts) is my comfort food (one of many), and a mushroom sauce is what I always make at a pinch to pour over roasted or broiled meat. So this is everyday home-cooking for me. That's what you get for having tastes so close to my own! Not exotic enough!

  2. Yeah this is pretty every day for me too... but I'm making it with Maya and didn't want to do anything I didn't feel comfortable having to pull together on my own. T goes French as a matter of course, I go Italian -- it's probably the being from NY and working in italian restaurants that does it.