Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Week's Special Dinner

I keep forgetting to post about this! Mister and M's boyfriend J made myself, M and another friend K dinner last Tuesday. Monday, M and K had made dinner (I helped a bit), and as a joke, M commented that the boys need to make US a dinner. I said, 'yeah, 5 courses!' and M threw in 'tomorrow!' Well, they took us at our word, and we had a 5 course meal for the next evening.

Course 1: toasted french bread rounds, topped with carmelized onions and goat cheese

Palate Cleanser: lemon sorbet with a sprig of mint

Course 2: baked pears with a spiced, ginger honey sauce and topped with slivered almonds

Course 3: boeuf bourgignon

Course 4: cheese platter with french bread

Course 5: chocolate (all Valrhona, all single origin)

There were two wines to accompany, but I forget exactly what they were.

And now for the pics! No finished meal pics, sadly.

Mister, hard at work.

J at his station.

Some nicely chopped veggies.

BACON! ...and some rosemary. :-P

Mister, flexing for me.

The stew, simmering.

J peeling many many items for our consumption. :-P


  1. Yum! Sounds lovely. Glad you got such a treat :)

  2. It was ridiculously tasty. :-P

  3. I'm sorry honey, but I'm switching sides to T. I'd MUCH prefer his meal planning to either yours or mine.

    In this early summer heat of the tropics, I really could kill for lemo sorbet with mint. Yes, *that's* my pick from that lovely spread. I'll save the rest for when it's cooler again.