Monday, March 14, 2011

Tasty Bean Dip

All that remains after yesterday

So I had wanted to make this bean dip for the house warming party on Saturday. Alas, I was a lazy bum, and did not.

But my beans were soaked and waiting for me. So on Sunday, I made it for myself and Mister (who had an upset tummy after overdoing it Saturday).

Some changes I made:

I used dried beans, soaked and cooked what I thought was approximately 15 oz of beans. I wound up weighing it out, and had a scant cup extra!

I used a potato masher, and finely diced the garlic, onion and snipped the rosemary with a pair of scissors. It sets my teeth on edge to see recipes that state "and then pull out your imaginary food processor OR the blender!" instead of something a little more neutral. E.g., baked goods should always just say "cream butter and sugar" instead of "at a medium setting on your mixer..." Rawr is all I say to that b.s.

I didn't have bread crumbs, so I used corn flakes. Also, I just mixed the cornflakes and cheese together, crumbled that on top, and then drizzled the olive oil.

When devouring it the first time, I felt it lacked a little oomph. Mister claimed he loved it wholeheartedly. So when I reheated it, I grated a little bit of cheddar on top, and I felt it pulled it together much better.

All in all, not bad, but I have to play with it more.


  1. You're my hero, no food processor!!! I did without one for two years, but I must confess, I'm so happy to have it back now. I only use it for cakes, and for pasta dough, but it makes a big difference ... to my biceps :)

  2. I've tried the grindstone -- I'm no good at it. I either have to enlist my father or our cook's help, who of course laugh at my sweaty, red face uproriously.

    I NEED a food processor. I'm weak, I admit! :D