Monday, March 28, 2011

Meal Planning

So yet again, Mister and I have eaten out far more than we ought. I love to blame it on him, but time after time he goes "oh I'm hungry" and I merely say "mm... me too..." without having a conscious idea of what we can make or what food is in the house. We also have a fridge full of rotting leftovers, in case anyone's wondering. :-P

Because of this, yesterday, Mister and I sat down and planned this week's menu:

Monday: rice, beans and cheese
Tuesday: enchiladas
Wednesday: pasta and meat sauce, garlic bread
Thursday: Mac n cheese
Friday: X
Saturday: Lasagne, garlic bread
Sunday: leftovers

There will be a salad accompanying all of these meals. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday I work late, and so Mister will be preparing these meals. On Friday, Mister is eating out with his mother (who will only be in town that day).

Shopping List:

-- tortillas/masa
-- enchilada sauce (I've tried making it and had severe fail)
-- black olives
-- salad mix
-- ground beef
-- bay leaf
-- thyme, oregano?
-- ricotta
-- mozzerella
-- milk
-- loaf for garlic bread

On a lighter note, Mister and I had a huge fight about food storage this weekend. Grr. I still don't know where he stands on that kind of thing. I know he doesn't really care about doomer prep, but I figured he didn't care if -I- did it... oh well. More to hash out!

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  1. Does he object to food storage? That doesn't make sense ...