Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink for Francesca!

These little slip on shoes are my slippers around the house. Apparently, it causes much confusion among people who are not Mister or I when I ask about where my "slips" are. There has been more than one raunchy comment following. :-P

Sadly, between the pink and green plaid flannel pjs and my pink slips (very dirty, I apologize), that's the max amount of pink that I wear these days.

I'm posting this pic in response to Francesca's week of color. Check it out and join in!


  1. Oh, I have a pair of red flats (slips?) that look very similar to those, and I love them - probably a little too much as I never wear them: it's always too muddy, too rainy, or too something for them ...

  2. I don't usually wear flats out of the house, but I wanted something sturdier than your average slipper. Hence, my little slips!