Monday, March 7, 2011


It's been fairly warm in the Greater Boston Area these days. So, when I peeked at my compost bin to see if the scavengers were back, I noticed a glorious thriving plant in my garden so recently deprived of snow (so recently, that I didn't notice the snow was gone until five minutes ago).

ROSEMARY! Two large, happy plants have overwintered, and hopefully will continue on into the summer!

Postscript: I sent this to Mister, and here was our conversation:

Mister: compost bin scavengers?
Me: um
Mister: also: wtf garden melted how did we not notice that
Me: i know
Mister: I even put the grill outside last night
Mister: I walked out there
Me: i know!


  1. It's a miracle! Charge people money to show them this :-)

  2. Some of my coworkers are quite jealous.