Thursday, March 3, 2011


I know, the moment you've all been waiting for: pictures of the new apartment! Let's do a little walk-through, shall we? R, don't kill me -- it's a shit-ton of pictures.

You walk into the house, into the foyer. Look! Shelving for shoes and sundry articles! We'll have a little couch in here at some point to take shoes on and off. There's also a window next to the door that I'm not showing.

To your right, are french doors into the living room.

Triple windows facing SE give a lovely amount of sun, and a view of both the front porch and the street.

A single window, facing SW, makes this room super sunny during the day (less so at night :-P). Also, look at how cute our couch is there! The rug, JUST fits in this room. I believe the rug is 8'x13' or something similar.

A long shot of the room, with a glimpse into the dining room. Where the wide bookshelf is currently (at the right of the picture) my piano might be at some point -- if it ever comes out from NY.

Walking through the archway into the dining room, and looking back at the living room.

The triple windows in the dining room also face SW.

A shot of the rest of the dining room, with the doorway into the hallway (the hallway is not easy to photograph, so I didn't really bother -- the apartment is divided down the middle pretty evenly, with bedrooms and the bathroom on one side, and all of the living space and kitchen on the other. The hallway basically connects the two in a space of about 10').

A close-up of the built-in china cabinet. The handyman sanded it down and restained it while he was doing the work on the rest of the apartment (walls painted, floors refinished, and a brand new kitchen).

Walking through the doorway into the hallway from the dining room, immediately on your left is the pantry (in front of you is the kitchen, and to your right is the hallway connecting to bedrooms and bathroom).

Yay pantry!

Little laundry chute into the basement! We have our own washer and dryer, and plenty of DRY storage space.

The view from the doorway of the kitchen. Windows still face SW. There's dishwasher, gas stove, all new appliances, new floor, new counters, new cabinets... NEW! :-D

Looking back towards the right is the stove and most of the counterspace.

Just to give you an idea of the color scheme.

The little alcove where the fridge is -- it's a fruit room!

Mister keeps thinking that I'm making it up when I talk about fruit rooms... but I know the truth!

The NW portion of our exclusive garden! Shade only, sadly.

The NE portion of the garden. It's about 14'x14' -- the upper apartment gets the garage. I think we're winning. :-P

A quick shot of the back porch.

After viewing the entire left side of the house, I'll show a few pics of the right side.

The second bedroom, the back bedroom, the whatever room.

The windows face NE. Also, face the neighbor's porch light which is on 24/7 (so do the bedroom windows).

And rather than show you the messy bedroom (same size as the last room for the most part), I offer you the double closets. One has two poles for hanging clothes, and the other is a mass of shelves.

This concludes our walk-through, and I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Wow! I see what you like! Congrats on surviving the move, and best wishes on settling in fully - soon :)

  2. wow! I think it's bigger and more comfortable than my house - our old world is just way too cramped. I honestly don't understand how your garden can be shade only, though - in the new world, doesn't the sun in summertime get at 90° above the horizon?

  3. Darling, this place is a DREAM! I still love T's little toom to bits (and that landscaped garden, mmm!), but that wasn't a place for two. This place, on the other hands, is brilliant! Can't wait to see it myself.

    And if I ever go back and need a place, T must sweet-talk his former landlord into renting me his old room ;-)

  4. Your living room's my favourite. It had me at the windows (I have SUCH a weakness for natural light) ;-)

  5. Michelle -- thanks! It's just a few odds n' ends left, so it SHOULD be easy to get in place. :-P

    Francesca -- it's surrounded on four sides by three-story buildings. It might get that 90 degree angle sunlight, but that's probably 2-4 hours max.

    Rimi -- it's already rented, but I'll see what I can do ;-) You need to come and have tea with me here! Maya and my mother have christened it tea-party-wise, but there can never be too many!