Friday, February 25, 2011

New Apartment

My mother just left yesterday, after arriving Monday to help us get settled into the new apartment. All that remains in the old apartment is approximately six items -- all of which require a car trip to themselves. Hence why they're still there. :-P We'll be out by the first and happily so!

There still remains much in storage of my stuff, but I did make one trip out with a friend and got a full carload of some kitchen stuff, artwork, and other useful items. I don't know when we'll be fully out of there, but I would like to be out sooner rather than later (it IS all my stuff!).

Mister's mother is in town for tonight and tomorrow for business -- so has brought us two 6' tall, 3' wide bookshelves. Yay! The only bookshelf we currently have is a 5' wide, 3' tall bookshelf that may or may not hold a TV on top. (As my piano might be journeying out, the piano may occupy such space.) The bookshelves that I used to own are no longer -- one barely made it into my last apartment not with Mister (I left it for the incoming tenant), and the other did not FIT into that apartment, and was destroyed by weather. [Due to circumstances, I had to remove all of my bookshelves from the apartment previous to that -- I was not going to leave the Roommate From Hell anything useful!]

Thanks to my mother's help, we are well settled into the new apartment. Most of what remains to be unpacked are books and odds 'n' ends. Mom and I went grocery shopping, so we are back to having staples in the house. We've been here long enough that it was time to do laundry, so I'm running a few loads (there are about three) before I go to work. My mom washed the windows (which sorely needed it -- they refinished the wood floors, so there was dust everywhere), and brought coffee, :-P and it is feeling like HOME. I even swept the basement stairs and the laundry area today to make it more my own.

I still need to buy batteries, but you will get pictures soon, I promise!


  1. Oh yay! Now just stay put for the next half decade and cool your heels.

    About flexitarian, I thought you were just being witty, I didn't realise it was a 'real' world. Good lord. I always say I'm an omnivore too, but for Bengalis that usually means fish frequently, eggs often, and meat about four times a month. I salute 'ethical eaters', but I'm not about to give up my meat. I enjoy it, and I don't see it as a problem that I'm high enough on the food chain to be able to genetically enjoy grains, vegetables, fruit and flesh.

  2. Francesca -- My mom is most definitely a star. And with the bookshelves from Mister's mother... yeah, awesome family!

    Rimi -- isn't it terrible? I can't believe the BS that people actually say and believe. Too bad T and I don't eat fish, or we'd be Bengali :-P