Monday, February 7, 2011

Bread Making

I was reading Tips for Better Bread from Farm Girl Fare, and realized that I wanted to jot down a few of the more pertinent points I think.

1 -- make the same type of bread over and over again until you understand it.
2 -- keep a bread journal, and write down details every single time you bake bread -- even if it's for the 456th time.
3 -- use good ingredients, including filtered water
4 -- add salt after autolyse.

Things that I intend to do:
1 -- make double and treble batches of dough. I already know how well bread freezes, and I only want to have one baking day a week.
2 -- consider getting a bread box. The only person I know with one is my grandmother, but she certainly doesn't use it properly. She keeps her bread in the fridge year round.

I cannot wait to be settled in the new place, and start putting all of my plans together!

Plans for new apartment thus far:

Gardening Thoughts
Ideas for the New Apartment
Plans for 2011
Fridge and Freezer Plans
Pantry Plans
Plants that Grow in Shade
Food Storage Tubs


  1. It's so wonderful that you have these plans, T. I don't think I ever, at any moment, sat down and said, "Let me make a list of things I want to do in the immediate future, so I'll remember to get them all done". I don't even make grocery lists. I'm sure winging it, as you say in the US, has it's great benefits, but I'm yet to meet them.

    But yay for your lists! Get your grandmother to give your her breadbox :P

  2. That's because I'm all like "omg I want to do this. But I don't want to do it now... I better write it down that I want to do this!"

    As much as my grandma's breadbox would be useful, I don't know if it's still in good condition, and it's certainly disgusting. I'm sure it has the film of grime that covers all of her cupboards (strange that when you don't clean things in the kitchen they become covered in dirty oil... ew).

    Although they look pretty easy to make, if I had wood and tools. So perhaps I'll just one day get around to making one.

  3. You might consider craft shows or agricultural fairs... there's probably a woodworker there who either has some on offer, or would love a commission to make one!

    Now - I don't think I know the scoop about this move. Where? When? Why? What next? (with whom?)

    I used to bake bread a LOT. You're entirely right that you have to make a recipe over and over and over to get a real feel for how the ingredients go together, what needs tweaking, etc. Baking more often is on my "list" as well, but I'm comforted knowing that I have the skill set started already.

  4. My fiance and I are moving three blocks from our current apartment to a beautiful new place. Same rent, twice the square footage, pantry, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, built-in china cupboard, big kitchen with gas stove and dishwasher, storage in the basement, free laundry, exclusive rights to garden in back. And the landlord just redid the floors and put in all new appliances in the kitchen.

    It's a steal!

    We move 2/15 (although we have time to do it slowly, as the new person for this apartment isn't moving in until 3/15); we're moving for many reasons not the least being no storage here (zero) and the landlord is crazy. Hopefully, we'll stay in this place for around 5 years at least!

    And yes, the fiance is the person that I sent the email about almost a year ago now asking Sharon to set up the matchmaking because we were breaking up. Turns out breaking up wasn't such a hot idea, and we got engaged instead. :-P