Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Update

So the store I manage is closed again today -- all we need is to have the temperature drop 3-4 degrees F and it'll be a world of ice outside. This is on top of the 6 inches of snow we got yesterday.

Strangely enough, because all of the skylights and the roof was covered in snow yesterday, the squirrels kept scrambling about on the roof. I have squirrel footprints in the snow on my skylights! There were enough of them, that they woke me up yesterday morning. Mister was like "what was that?" I said "squirrel, and I just saw one through the skylight"!

I wound up making the tasty galette for dinner yesterday -- which turned out amazing. I used butter in the crust for the first time and OMG what a difference! I'd only ever used shortening, but I have to say -- never again. I had the same revelation with lard in pie crust, and now again with butter. Suffice to say: shortening, you are officially off the island. Although, when the author said that the galette was sweet, she was NOT lying!

As we're moving soon (2/15 is the start of our new lease!), Mister and I are in the process of packing. We've got a mere 12 boxes packed thus far, but we've got some time. Luckily, we're only moving three blocks away, so a lot of stuff like dishes could be wrapped in a towel and carried in a laundry basket. Most of our kitchen stuff will probably travel in such a manner. My main worry is having laundry get away with us: I don't want to be doing a zillion loads of laundry when we're in crunch time, but I also know that we've got 13 days until then, and we're going to be wearing clothes! I'll probably do a big load or two next week.

Our current apartment did get rented, thankfully. We were worried that we'd have to be paying for two apartments simultaneously. (Our lease on this place was until 5/31.) The new guy isn't moving in until 3/15, so that gives us time to move out, and one month overlap is not bad at all. I just wish there was a way to leave a secret note for the new guy warning him about the cleaning lady the LL will suggest... I want to be all Dune-esque and leave a message in braille on a leaf, but when I told Mister that, he informed me that I was a goof.

I'm not sure whether or not I'll want to do my music lesson tomorrow. It's only the second lesson, so I should probably go -- but it'll be a 40 mins walk in GOOD weather, and probably close to an hour with the weather tomorrow. :-\ That and I have to fetch some things from the music store: reeds size 2 and 2 1/2, a copy of the lesson book, disinfectant spray, and a folding stand. ... I wonder if there's a way to make disinfectant spray on my own... I don't want to be covering a 12 year old girl's clarinet with grain alcohol!

Lots to do, lots to do. I guess it's time to put the kettle on, the tune's rockin', and get some packing done!


  1. You're learning to play the clarinet? That's so great! I don't know about making disinfectant sprays.
    I've never figured out what exactly shortening is. My US mother in law keeps a huge tub of that stuff (crisco?), and it looks so suspicious - too white, expiry date a century later, no refrigeration needed - that I've never used it.
    Glad to finally know when you're moving! Ciao!

  2. No, I'm teaching a little girl the clarinet. I've been playing it for years! :-P The disinfectant spray is so that I could play her instrument to check that it's working -- without us worrying about germs.

    My mother always thought that Crisco was healthier, less fattening. My grandma always fried things in Crisco. You can use it like you would butter, or any other kind of oil that isn't used as flavor, merely texture. But yeah -- NEVER AGAIN!