Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being "Thrifty"

a.k.a., "Not Being Able To Drink A Full Cup of Coffee In One Sitting".

So, every now and again, I decide that what I really need is a cup of coffee. Lots of milk, lots of sugar, and enough caffeine to get me energized for a while. However, I'm a really slow drinker of beverages in general, and coffee is no exception. (The only real exception is tea.) So inevitably, I wind up with half full cups of coffee hanging about wherever I am. If I'm at work, I'll just nuke it and call it good. But you have to be careful about reheating coffee: a) the oils in coffee can make a paper cup catch on fire in the microwave (no idea why I'd know THAT...) and b) having already put milk in there means it could curdle if heated too high too fast. So, I'm really used to drinking lukewarm coffee.

But lately, when I've been home, I've made delicious concoctions. Since we're in Apartment Clean-Out Mode, part of this mode means "if we use it, we don't have to move it". So I've been making mochas with leftover coffee, a bit of water and random hot chocolate mixes. Thus far I've polished off what remained of a box of Swiss Miss (10 packets), and two little single-use tins. I've got a single use packet remaining, and am also eyeing the nearly-full canister of Ghiradelli hot chocolate.

So all in all -- tasty beverages, I'm still utilizing the caffeine and the money that I've foolishly spent on coffee, and I get to use up the hot chocolate mixes. Yay!


  1. Thou Shalt Not Adulterate Thy Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix With Coffee!

    I'm sure that was on the third tablet - you know, the one that broke? I LOVE their drinking chocolate <3

  2. Oh whoops, how could I forget? :-P I love warm beverages -- and if they're sweet so much the better!

  3. I can only drink coffee if it's mixed in a ratio of 1:4 with sweetended chocolate (usually milk chocloate). But for that I boil water and drop room-temped chocolate bars in it, then add a teaspoon of coffee. I've never tried it with Swiss-Miss, which makes too thin a cup of chocolate for my liking. Chocolate bars is the way to go :-)

    And don't use the Ghiradelli in anything but baking! Make a rich chocolately coffee-cake if you have to :P

  4. OH I agree on the Swiss Miss comment -- that's why it took 10 packets to make four mugs of hot chocolate. See, as much as I love the Ghiradelli stuff -- the good stuff I have is powdered Valrhona. So I hoard that like a squirrel!