Friday, February 11, 2011

Four More Days!

I cannot believe that I am four days away from sleeping in my new apartment! We're planning most of the big move for Tuesday day and Wednesday night -- this is working around my work schedule. Mister also made the executive decision that I'm not cooking until after we move, so's we could pack what was in the kitchen. Don't -I- feel silly for having bought leeks and carrots yesterday in anticipation of cooking for 7 today... :-P

Ideally, we'll have all of the stuff from here moved in by the weekend (I'm off next Friday and Saturday) so's we could run up to Lowell and get to work on moving out the stuff in the storage unit. I have A LOT of stuff. And because my mom is coming into town to help us unpack stuff, I want to actually have enough to do.

So I've reserved a Ziptruck for Tuesday the 15th so's Mister, M and I can move the mattress and big furniture. I can't wait!

The question is of course when to pack up things we're using? When to pack up the comps? Have we even set up comp service in the new place?

So much to do, and so much of it is dependent upon timing...

N.B. Not looking forward to moving the mattress down the three flights of the outside back stairs, through the garden with its icy dog-tred paths and from thence to the truck... I could see it ending badly.


  1. Good luck with the packing and moving (the mattress especially!)!

  2. So... are you there already? Did you move the mattress without collateral damage? Is there an internet connection there? Tell all!