Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, quick mini-update: we're alive, we're mostly in the new place (little fiddly bits remain, as well as all of my stuff in storage which we're getting Friday) and life is good. It still smells of paint though. :-\

Strangely, the weather worked with us even though we thought it wouldn't. On Monday, it was in the 40s. On Tuesday (the day we moved) it was in the teens and 20s. So Monday afternoon, Mister and his friend D broke up some of the ice in the backyard. But that left quite a bit of ice remaining. So for most of the move, my friend M was out chipping ice to give us something to grip onto (fyi -- ice chips and textured ice is not slippery!) while Mister and M's boyfriend J lifted heavy things with either me or M spotting, and I'd load the car with boxes. We had a ziptruck for the big stuff, and just kept loading up the car to have that ready to go quickly. The fact that all four of us are the "get shit done" kinda people, J and Mister are very strong, and we're only moving THREE BLOCKS AWAY made a lot happen in a very short amount of time.

The mattress was the scariest part, but I think it was mostly because the ice problem hadn't been dealt with. We moved it first because "if it fell over, its soft".

We need camera and batteries in the same place (a.k.a. here) and I'll get you guys pics of the new place!


  1. Congrats on surviving the move! I hope you love the new place.

  2. Oh lovely! Take pics of the back garden, although it's likely covered in snow now :-)