Thursday, February 3, 2011

Supplies for Music Lessons

I ran downtown today to pick up some supplies for my music lessons. After my non-preparedness last time I wanted to be sure that the lessons would actually be going forward.

Considering I had beautiful service from both locations (one of which I have worked with before), I will certainly name drop.

At Rayburn Music I bought a box of five 2 clarinet reeds, a box of five 2 1/2 clarinet reeds (for my student) and a box of 10 3 Vandoren clarinet reeds for me. I also bought a reed holder for myself that will hold 8 reeds as well as a "Reed Vitalizer". Silly Rico. When will you learn that you aren't that fabulous? I would have gotten the Vandoren one, but it only held 2 reeds and was 2/3rds the price of the one I DID buy. Silly Vandoren as well!

After paying (with a mysterious 31% discount on all items...), I asked if they had any cleaning swabs, as I'd forgotten to ask. The guy working said 'yes', and asked if I was a teacher. (I had previously mentioned that I wanted the shitty reeds for a student and was not willing to buy them Vandorens!) I said that yes, I have the one student, and he gave me the cleaning swab gratis.

Folks, please frequent Rayburn Music, as I have a great appreciation for them right now.

I also stopped at Music Espresso to pick up the lesson book that my student had ordered but not received (Breeze Easy Book 1), and a folding stand. The folks at Music Espresso are great, and not only have a huge selection of sheet music and books, but will order for you anything that you need. Their staff is also friendly and knowledgeable. Please frequent Music Espresso as well!

I spent $70 at Rayburn Music and $24.33 at Music Espresso for a total of: $94.33. I also stopped at CVS for a small notepad, pencils and a sharpener for: $4.52, bringing my grand total to: $98.85.

All I forgot to pick up was: a cleaning swab for me (I didn't have the heart to ask him for two when he was giving it free), and disinfectant spray. But I can probably order those online with no detriment. It seems like most music stores have to order the spray anyways (I quickly looked around both stores to no avail -- I also checked my WW shop back home while I was there).

Relooking through Breeze Easy book 1 has gotten me excited for the lesson today. How soon she'll be playing music!

Update: This was a really good lesson -- the girl is SO excited about her instrument, and she's doing really well. It's a good thing that I picked up the supplies, because if we were waiting upon the order her mom made, we'd still be waiting for something to do!


  1. Girl, that potato soup sounds insanely good! There's good eating in a potato, I've never denied it. To mash it and make base for soup, however, THAT never occured to me before. My life is so much richer now :P

    No, seriously, it's a pity I'm not allowed to eat a lot of potatoes. And I do miss American corn. It's sweet and delicious, unlike the unsweetened corn one finds in India.

    I'm glad you're being a music teacher -- yay you! I hope you're being paid handsomely for it, too! (I work for free currently, and that sucks)

  2. So, YOU are the clarinet teacher! Why didn't you say so!:) I'm amazed, in this country, since victorian times (or the equivalent), you couldn't find a teacher who walked to their students houses, it's always the other way around!

  3. R -- The potato soup IS insanely good! And I'm making bank for the lessons, although it IS only about an hour a week :-P

    F -- I think it's more unusual to have me go to them as well, but I don't have a studio. If I took on more students, I might consider setting up a studio in the new apartment.