Friday, December 3, 2010

Freezer and Fridge Plans

So R, since you asked, here's an idea of what I'd like to keep in the fridge/freezer. (Hmm... I had a list somewhere, but it has disappeared... aha I blogged about it!)

Drawing from this post, some ideas that I have for what should always be in my fridge/freezer, and in constant rotation. Also, we usually have booze in the freezer. It's not in the list, but currently we have two quart jars half-full with limoncello, and a nice bottle of vodka.

Meat(in freezer)
-- two rings of kielbasa at all times
-- 1-2 roasts
-- 1-2 chickens
-- two pork loans (one cut into chops)
-- ground beef
-- sausages of several varieties for soups
-- bacon?

I'm working on this one. Thus far, I have some cuts of beef and a chicken. Also, I need a good source for Kielbasa or some other form of sausage, because all of the commercial varieties have MSG. :-((((( Since I'm being sneaky about my food storage (since Mister and I have such differing goals/ideas about it), it lead to this highly amusing conversation:

Mister: Well, we could just use that chicken that's in the freezer.
Me: ... we don't have a chicken in the freezer.
Mister: Yeah we do, I saw it the other day. It's been there forever.
Me: ... WHAT?! I put it there last week! You just weren't supposed to find it 'cause it's a surprise!
Mister: Oh, well, I assumed that since I didn't remember it, it must be there for a long time.

Yeah. I love our interactions sometimes. :-P

Also pulled from that list, are three categories. I'll mark out where each item goes.
Pantry, Freezer, Fridge
Root Veggies
-- 2 dozen squash
-- potatoes
-- cabbage sadly, as much as I would like to keep these veggies out of the fridge, and use the fridge less, that's where they store best :-(
-- parsnips
-- rutabaga
-- carrots

-- corn
-- peas
-- eggs
-- milk
-- cheeses (esp. cheddar, mozz., ricotta)

-- bread
-- coffee
-- tea
-- sugar
-- flours/starches (These could also have some in the freezer, but it's just as easy in the pantry.)
-- breadcrumbs

(You might also note that this is the first time that I've played with colors in HTML. Yay!)

This is just a rough draft of what I'd like. But as Mister and I MIGHT be paying for two apartments at once for a few months (grr... do not like my current LL), we'll need to NOT be eating out, being frugal, and having a nicely stocked food supply is useful, and dream/drool worthy. :-P

R, as a crazy side note, on my list of goals on the sidebar there? One of the items is "store 6 months of food". If I fill my 3-gallon buckets, I've completed that. Crazy!

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