Thursday, December 9, 2010

Entered Another Contest

This one is for $100. But, lookit what I have to discuss to enter! A Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Blondie Sundae? Sign me up! It looks so tasty, it made my already full fiance and myself hungry all over again, but for dessert this time. :-P


  1. I'm going to find our what a blondie is in a minute (I thought that was a typo -- isn't Blondie a cartoon character? But what I know about desserts can be put in an egg-cup with room to spare).

    Thank you for introducing me to the concept of orange juice in roast! I went and ethnusiastically commented on that post as well, but since it's been a while you posted that, I thought I'd express gratitude right here. I'm making kababs tomorrow, and will most certainly try orange.

  2. A blondie is like a brownie, only not brown. It's also a more specific term for your basic "bar" dessert. A bar is anything that is made in a large pan, and cut into squares (i.e., brownie, blondie, lemon bars, granola bars, etc.)

    The fun thing about citrus is it breaks down dead skin cells enzymically. And what is a piece of meat if not dead skin cells? It makes it easier to cook, and if you combine citrus and an oil, it allows the oil in to soften. (Basic marinade: lemon juice, olive oil and pepper.)