Thursday, December 9, 2010

Roast Chicken

For dinner Tuesday, I roasted a chicken with a little help from this recipe for a marinade and this site for cooking time and temps.

ZOMG Tasty!

My modifications:

For the marinade, I used 4 Tbs. butter (which wasn't warm enough -- I should have melted it), some orange juice, a delicious horseradish, hemp and honey mustard, fresh rosemary, onion powder, red pepper flakes, freshly ground black pepper and some salt. Inside the cavity of the chicken I put two quartered clementines, six cloves of garlic, two shallots, and a sprig of rosemary (which I added afterwards so it was kinda shoved in there. :-P

I trussed the bird using this method and stuck it in a roasting pan surrounded by carrots and parsnips.

I also made a side dish of potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper.

The verdict? OMG the tastiest, most moist chicken I have ever had. And not bad for the second chicken I've ever roasted! I think I will ALWAYS put citrus inside the bird as it made such a difference. One thing I would change up -- although the marinade was certainly fragrant, it didn't have enough spices. Apparently you have to really up the spices in order to taste them, as most of them burn off. Also, melting the butter and perhaps infusing the spices in it? I think that would be delicious.


  1. Orange juice, eh? Never occured to me to do that. When we make kababs at home, which is basically roasting, we use yogurt in the marinade. It adds a tangy aftertaste and softens the meat, but next time I am definitely trying the orange juice instead!

  2. I love citrus. It's so damn tasty. And since we almost never have yogurt kicking around, but we do always have some citrus (even if it's a big-ass bottle of shitty lemon juice), I reach for that on instinct.