Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meal Planning for the Week

Since Mister and I have to be living on the cheap now (we signed a lease! yay! but we're still on the old one too...:-\), no eating out for us! So here's a meal plan for this week:

Monday: L@work-grilled cheese sandwich; D-Mac n Cheese
Tuesday: L@home-pasta; D-Roast chicken and veggies with potatoes of some kind
Wednesday: L@work-grilled cheese sandwich; D-more chicken n' stuff
Thursday: L@home-pasta/leftovers; D-Thai Kitchen stir fry noodles
Friday: L@home-pasta/leftovers; D-(Ted)
Saturday: L@work-leftovers; D-(roommate leaving party at M's)
Sunday: L@work-sandwich/leftovers; D-(Ted)

I'm hoping that I have enough leftovers to get me through the week in lunches. I also would like to be able to make a ribollita soon from either this recipe or this one. We've taken to buying the "day old bread" from the cafe down the street, and I like to do that. It's a fair amount of bread for pretty cheap. I also have squash that I can cook too. So there are options.

[Ooh just had an interesting idea for a baked, filled squash using baked cubes of polenta...]

Ingredients to buy:
-- milk
-- more cheese (mozz. and plain cheddar)
-- would like to have eggs, but not necessary
-- anything else on sale

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