Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making Applesauce

So at the last time that -I- went to the Farmer's Market (now sadly closed), one of the things that I had gotten was a bag of apples. Flash forward to last Monday, and we noticed that there was a most decidedly smushed apple in that bag, polluting all of the others. Mister said "oh we should throw that out" and I said "nah, I was gonna make applesauce anyways".

I chopped the apples on Tuesday, but then got home too late to cook them. So Wednesday morning, I popped them in a saucepan, put some water in there, and covered it. And last night I finally did get a chance to put it on the stove.

I added cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cardamom and a little too much sugar (:-(). But my 3 lbs. of apples turned into a quart of applesauce.

Yay for applesauce!

Now we need to go buy pork, as I only eat applesauce with pork, and I have two jars of applesauce that my grandma made sitting on the shelf as well. :-P

Also, since I'm a cheat, I made sure that the jar was hot (by repeated filling with near boiling if not boiling water), the applesauce was hot (reached a boil), and upended the jar to try and make a seal. If it doesn't seal, it'll just go in the fridge. But I don't want to pull out a full water bath for one little jar of applesauce.

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