Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was upset to find that, when nearing my farmer's market, most of the stalls were all packed up and gone! Apparently, due to Daylight Savings, the people running the market decided that they would close an hour earlier from now on. So instead of 12-6, it would be 12-5. For me, a person who worked 11-5 today, that is evil and horrible. They did not mention this in their email newsletter, and I am seriously bothered by the high-handedness of assuming that people would not be out at their normal times.

Luckily, my favorite stall was still selling some stuff, and one stall had a table of free veggies -- they were to be donated, and the pickup never showed. Yay! So I have a peck of apples, 4 squash, and for free: 4 leeks, bok choy, and a head of lettuce. I could have grabbed more, but I know that we don't eat that much of lettuce! Perhaps this is a good excuse to start...

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