Monday, November 8, 2010

Bad Habits

I am an incredibly lazy person. However, this is what leads to the current Western lifestyle. Why dry your clothes on the line, when you can just pop it in the dryer? Why wash your clothes by hand when you can pop it in the washer? Why wash your dishes? Why cook your food? Why clean your house?

It is all of these questions and more that I strive to answer with an enthusiastic 'because I want to!' However, some of it is hard-coming. I'm also quick with the blame. Those dishes? Oh it's Mister's turn. Oh it's because our kitchen is so small. Oh it's because there's next to no storage.

It's this laziness that leads me to mix coffee (yesterday), hot chocolate (today) and oatmeal (today) with a knife -- because it was out to cut coffee cake! Now, Mister is a stickler for some forms of "proper" behavior -- he'd not have let me stir his coffee with a knife - which is why I didn't let him see it. The discrepancies between us are now so well-known that when I am prepping food, Mister will immediately ask if it's a clean knife. (Did I wash it? No... but it only cut a potato yesterday!) Luckily for the both of us, we don't use meat often, as one has to be much more careful with raw meat.

How am I finding ways to combat this prevalent laziness? By trying to care. Do I care about having a clean kitchen space to make food? Do I care about having a clean living room for guests? Where do I currently stop caring? And that's where I'll draw the line. Currently, it's laundry. It's everywhere. I can blame that on several things, or I can just say that I'm lazy. (Or that I'm becoming afraid of the dogs -- they've upped their percentage of attack from 0% to about 80% -- and I have to go in the backyard to get to the laundry.)

But, I work on finding ways to overcome laziness. Tonight, I tackle the kitchen!

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