Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on Tablecloth

Hey guys, check it out! The main part of the tablecloth is done!

Here's a close-up of the main detail.

And a close-up of the end. I still need to tuck ends of thread, wash, block and possibly starch the damn thing, but for the most part, this is done. It got completed Sunday while I was at work. I initially then thought 'oh no, now I have no project to work on!' but then I remembered the 30' of lace edging for the table cloth that I could work on. :-P

So, now I've chained 30', and am going back and double crocheting (to give me a good base to attach to the fabric). I've completed about 5-6' of that so far. And then on to the pattern.


  1. E.N.V.Y.

    Not only because I want it, but because I want to be able to make it!

  2. Really beautiful, and so long! What a magnificent piece of crochet work!

  3. Thanks! I am rather proud of it, and can't wait to be able to send it off with a smile.