Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, I have several projects lined up for the holidays. One, I have to finish the tablecloth for Sharon (and I'm almost done with the crochet work -- aside from the edging). Two, I am making steampunk clothing for my mum and sis for Christmas (we're going to a Con in February). That's probably at least two corsets, a skirt, some ruffled petticoats and maybe a jacket-y thing or two. Three, I would like to make two scarves for Mister's female relatives. One fuzzy, warm, and mobius (probably knitted), and the other delicate and lacy (crocheted of course!).

So a quick search on Ravelry and I found the most beautiful crocheted lace pattern.

Isn't it gorgeous? However, the girl is charging $7 for that lovely pattern. Are you crazy? Asking for money for a pattern on the internet is highly silly IMO. Also, she gave an up-close picture. I now know how to make it. :-D

Here's how I figure: it's obvious a bunch of motifs which are attached together at the end. So, for each motif, start at that grid -- that's a double crochet separated by 2 chain grid. After making the grid, you start going around the edges with a single crochet. When you get to the center of a side, you chain about... let's say 8 or so. You then go back around your little chain with single crochets, adding little picots and finish single crocheting the side of the grid. After having completed all four sides with picots, you start on the next round out. Easiest way to do that one is to go twice around -- once with all of the chains connecting to picots, the next with the single crochets over the chains with additional picots. Et voila, one motif! To connect them all, is more chains connecting picots, with a second time around of single crochets and additional picots. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS.

[Note: it looks like there are TWO connecting rounds -- what I thought was the last motif round is actually connected on the North and South to other motifs...]

That is what I love about crochet -- I know it well enough that just staring at the picture I can figure it out.

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