Friday, December 17, 2010

Plans for 2011

Since it's nearing the end of the year, I think it's time to take stock of what I've accomplished this year, and what I can attempt next year.

Tasks Completed in 2010:

-- canned pickles, not all recipes are created equal :-P
-- gathered many jars and 3-gallon buckets
-- found a great apartment with pantry space and gardening space (although shaded)
-- shopped at the Farmer's Market weekly to learn seasonal eating
-- learned many interesting recipes with cabbage and also zucchini
-- harvested lots of rose hips, and both dried and made syrup with them
-- made an effort to eat home more
-- made my first pair of socks
-- celebrated the holidays frugally and with minimal purchasing
-- scavenged local grapes
-- made liqueurs/cordials

Plans for 2011:

-- actually garden this year. I still have seeds that never got planted last year, so I will work on shade-loving plants outside, and using the large south-facing window in our new living room for such plants as tomatoes.
-- store 6 months of food for Mister and I
-- eat out of the pantry better
-- keep our budget down
-- put up more food beyond pickles, applesauce and grape cider
-- do UPick at least once a month while it's running (berries, apples, etc.)
-- involve more friends in the food process of pantry building (R, you're around next summer, right? Wanna help build up my pantry?)
-- learn to utilize spices better -- you do not want to know how bland my food is :-P
-- make more liqueurs/cordials and perhaps gift them!
-- aim to have all gifts be handmade
-- look into the possibilities of chickens
-- get a cat and try to train it as a mouser
-- learn more seasonal scavenging
-- make my own bread


  1. If I'm granted a visa, then certainly! Count me in. But like T, I will insist on washing cutlery and dishes right after they're used. You've been warned =P

  2. You have a very exciting list of things to look forward to in the coming year! And you could grow your own spices - just a thought (but a good one:)!)

  3. Rimi -- I'mma hide the dishsoap - what now! Also, I'll lure you here with Mac n Cheese!

    Francesca -- I completely forgot about herbs! I'll have to look into what shade-loving herbs there are, since the garden is on the north side of the house, in the middle of the city (a.k.a. surrounded by buildings :-P).

  4. I'm going to buy you some! Hah!