Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Stuff/Recipe

Roast Chicken that I want to make tonight
lots of info on roasting chickens
Brian Polcyn's trussing of a chicken
How to Open a Pomegranate <-- need to try this soon!

I also kinda want this cookie cutter for Christmas, so emailed my sis to ask from whom shall I request it? Because it's on Etsy, I couldn't ask my mum or grandma I think... :-P

Those lucky few who DO read this blog might note that I post in bursts -- that's because I only post when I'm home during the day and Mister's at work. If we're both home, I've usually got better things to do. :-P


  1. You will make me mac n' cheese, yes? I've never had it :(

  2. I followed the pomegranate link, but there's got to be a better and quicker way to get those seeds out. Only, I haven't found it yet.

  3. Rimi -- I feel so bad for you right now. I will definately make you delicious mac n' cheese!

    Francesca -- I had given up and pretended that I didn't like pomegranates (to myself) because they are SUCH A PAIN to eat. That actually looks like a decent way to me.