Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Present Planning

People to Gift to:

My Family
-- Mom - outfit, squash butter
-- Dad - wineglasses
-- Grandma - Montego Boy pickles, LUSH stuff
-- Grandpa - Sweet Spear pickles, fruit cake cookies
-- sister - outfit, LUSH stuff

My Extended Family
-- Mom's SO - Montego Boy pickles, fruit cake cookies
-- step-sister/family - Montego Boy pickles, soap
-- step-brother/family - Sweet Spear pickles, soap
-- ?

Mister's Family
-- Mom - mix CD, chex mix
-- sister #1 - scarf, chex mix
-- sister #2 - chex mix
-- sister #3 - scarf(?), chex mix
-- sister #3's SO - chex mix

-- Vegan Black Gingerbread bars
-- Chai Gingerbread bars

So those who I need to figure out what they're getting: sister #2 for Mister's family, sister #3's SO for Mister's family, and maybe something else for my grandparents or sister.

What I need to make before gifting: squash butter, fruit cake cookies, chex mix, finish sister #1's scarf, and two outfits for my mom and sister.

What I need to buy before gifting: wine glasses, possibly fabric for outfits, supplies for chex mix and cookies/bars.

I will also possibly wrap presents in scrap fabric/stash fabric. Yay furoshiki!

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