Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I had ordered 15 lbs. of dried (and sweetened) cranberries from a company called Oh Nuts that kinda made me chuckle with how hard they were pushing the Jewish angle ("Buy our Purim/Shiva baskets!"). This happened only a couple of days ago, but today I came home to find a notice from UPS and a box on my front porch.

Strangely, when I opened the box, I discovered this:

15 1-pound bags of cranberries. So much for buying in bulk! But I quality checked them, and they seem to taste delicious, so I'm not overly angry with them. But I think that if I were to order from them again, I would check for a way to get them in ACTUAL bulk, or order from someone else.

Also, this pretty much filled my three-gallon bucket. I could possibly fit 16 pounds, but 15 is a solid bet here.


  1. What're you going to do with all those cranberries, is my question.

    I don't think I've ever had cranberries, except in sauce with roasted fowl, you know?

  2. I eat them out of hand as snacks, and throw them into things like oatmeal and baked goods.

  3. Epic bulk fail! What are they thinkin'?

    Still, eating cranberries is A Very Good Thing. Are they local MA cranberries?

  4. Nah, they're not necessarily local (although probably considering they don't grow much out of NE). Since I wasn't working with someone local, I didn't really sweat the location of their berries. The company's from NYC, so they probably are supplied fairly close.

    I actually just got an email back from the company about the shipment and she said that it's unusual to have shipped 15 pounds in that format, and that perhaps that was what they had on hand and rather than repackage it, they sent it as is.