Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been fairly lax in the "doing stuff" department, so I've signed myself up for quite a few things to get me back in the swing of things.

1 -- I have to make an outfit for my mother by Easter (skirt, jacket, and maybe a poofy underskirt)

2 -- I have to FINISH Sharon's tablecloth and get it mailed to her

3 -- I have to finish the baby blanket that I've started for my mom's boyfriend's son's wife ('s fetus -- couldn't help myself!). To make it short, I'm calling her my step-sister. Either finish it, or decide to rip it out and begin anew. I suck at deciding how wide I should start so usually end up with double-wides that I turn sideways.

4 -- I have volunteered my needles to Sharon to make a few 8x8 squares for afghans and perhaps to make additional actual blankets. They aren't hard, all they take are time. I'll probably crochet over knit since knitting takes friggin' forever.

I'll put pics up in due course (I'm currently posting from work (*shock!)).


  1. But alas, I can't crochet for nothin'. I'll be knitting those 8x8's.

  2. I found crochet much easier to learn as well as faster to create -- but you're an amazing knitter!

  3. That counts for a lot of projects!