Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awesome Protesters


  1. I love you for the second picture. For both, actually. Tell me more about this?

  2. Oh and:
    1. Love the shot of the soy-mixed pancake batter with scallions. That one can go on your wall, girl!

    2. The drafting pics just killed me. I want to just sit in a corner and watch you do it. I might return to Boston *just* to have you teach me drafting and cutting and so on properly. Seriously, you should tell me how much fabric I need to bring, or if we can get some locally and relatively inexpensively. My fingers are itching to get started.

    3. Take your time with mint chutney. No rush :-)

  3. The protester's pics I found somewhere and just loved too much to let them go away.

    The pancake omelet thing was SO TASTY -- I'll have to recreate it when you're here.

    I'll have to put a post up for the in-project pics of the nice fabric. I'm also borrowing a machine, so it's reliable!

    3 yards should cover most projects. If you want a full skirt, add another yard or two.