Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Status

So here's where we are on presents for Christmas:

Mom: buy glogg from LUSH
Dad: buy footstool
Sister: buy sonic screwdriver

Grandma: buy puzzle, give pickles
Grandpa: make fruitcake (I have the fruit soaking in sherry and have for two weeks already)

Mom's BF: make fruitcake (see above)

Stepsister: make slippers (just need to be sewn together -- all crocheted)
Husband: make slippers (have started)
Son: make slippers (still need to decorate like a monster)

Stepbrother: make slippers (haven't started)
Wife: make slippers (just need to be sewn together -- all crocheted)
Son: make slippers (still need to decorate)

Mister's Mom: Mister is contributing towards a laptop
Sis#1: no idea still
Fiance: no idea still
Sis#2: no idea still
Sis#3: buy little tea set and tea

The pattern that I'm using for the slippers and modifying for sizes is these double soled slippers. They seem pretty awesome.

As a Christmas present to myself (so I don't kill myself with that much crochet), I'm also working on knitting garters, the kind you tie on. I personally tie them on by: placing the middle of the garter just below the knee. Criss-cross garter in the bend of the knee (back of the leg) and tie above the knee on the front of the leg. Holds stockings and leg warmers on pretty well that way and means I don't need to have more than one garter belt (as one is broken). I also want to have a total of seven sets of leg warmers as my project for January as I want to be able to wear them every day.

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