Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life is Crazy!

So I put starter in the freezer, as I won't have time for her until next week.

I nearly have all of the slippers crocheted (one last slipper to go) and then I have to assemble them.

I still have to buy my mother's present, but that's for tomorrow.

I have to bake fruitcake.

I have to make fudge.

I have to pass my Russian test tomorrow (8AM wtf), so am currently studying like mad.

I have to wrap all of the presents. (This will be the year that I don't wrap anything at my mother's please please please.)

I have to figure out if I'm going to make little hair flowers for my cousins (probably should). So four little hair flowers (they take ~30 minutes to make -- and people charge exorbitant amounts for them!).

Um... that's it?


  1. All best for Russian! Wrapping and hair flowers (what on earth ARE they?) can come after acing the test.

    I love the new template! I haven't shaken up my own colours lately, but then I've been too absorbed in other stuff to pay much attention to the blog. This palette is really more my thing than blue, and once more, with feeling, I love it! :-)

  2. I showed it to T, and he was like "oh it looks nice and cozy!" Especially because I just dream about food when it's cold outside. :-P

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I think I got a B on the final. :-D I did some hardcore cramming last night, had Russian words dancing in my head all night, and only had a handful of things that I either forgot, hadn't studied (one word grr), or just can't remember.

    So for hair flowers, I crochet a little flower maybe two or three inches diameter. I then attach it to a large bobby pin. Et voila, c'est magnifique!

    But I have to especially make something for my one cousin, as her best friend just committed suicide last week. :-( 15 is a rough time to be a girl.

  3. What? Why on earth? She was 15, the poor darling. Unless she had a terminal illness or very messed up domestic situation, what could be that catastrophic?