Monday, December 12, 2011


I am restarting my sourdough starter. It has languished in the freezer for some time now, and frankly, I've been craving bread. Yet, now that I know how tasty and easy it is (and cheap!), I've been loath to buy it, even at the day-old price of $3.

One thing that's nice about the starter currently is it's much more liquid. I had troubles before with it being a little stiff, and I like the consistency that it is. But I've just fed it tonight and we'll see how it takes to that. A warm jar and a warm bowl to be mixed in can do wonders I feel.


  1. All right, responses in order of posting:
    I am so absolutely awful at choosing gifts that I'm dead impressed you have a list... of things you mostly made yourself! You're a right little bundle of talent, aren't you?

    Make the orange liquer quick! Orange season will be over here soon, and I need to get a start on it, but only after your greenlight the flavour ;-)

    Ketchup, yech! Stick to hearty old tomato sauces, child.

    And very sorry about the photography refusal, girl. If the Homeland Security or whatever that looks into visas doesn't topple my travel applecart again, I just might be around to take a few pictures myself. I'm no professional and neither is my camera, but I think, together, we might manage a few decent shots. (See how I cleverly invited myself to your wedding? It's an art, a positive art :-|)

  2. You act like you weren't invited previously! I was pretty sure that I invited you, and you were all like "oh hey I'll be in town around then!" :-P

    The ketchup tastes better than Heinz. It's much more tomato-sauce-y, I promise.

    I'll work on the orange liqueur.