Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yay for Doctors!

So basically everything that I was worried about when I went to the doctors turned out to be non-worrisome. Due to the timing of this bout of cramping daily, my doctor thinks that it was a cyst, and it appears to have gone away on its own. Plus one for me!

I finally got around to talking to my doctor about my tendency to pass out and she thinks that I have Vasovagal Syncope. This basically means that the nerve that lowers blood pressure occasionally goes overboard and makes me dizzy, sometimes all the way to passing out. It's not really a "treatable" condition, and is more "learn to live with it". As my doctor put it, "you've been dealing with it for almost 10 years, so I think you have a pretty good idea how to handle it." But we talked about various things that could trigger it and how to prevent it more readily.

I also had a couple of other concerns, but they wound up getting cleared up pretty easily. I'm just waiting on the results of some blood work to confirm the vasovagal syncope.

All in all, YAY!


  1. A diagnosis is very relaxing, isn't it? Putting a name on things somehow makes it less threatening. Very glad you now know what brings those dizzy spells about -- those used to worry me. Does eating a bit of sugar help?

  2. And how lovely of you to link to my recipes. I hope the recipes turn out well. Keep us posted!

  3. Apparently being dehydrated and hungry stresses out my system, add in heat, or crowds, or anxiety and it can encourage passing out. So water and sugar help, so does putting my head below my heart and getting away from the stress of people.

    I made the lentil soup the other day (not your recipe) as it looked super fast. The problem is, with soup recipes when the author says it's 4-6 servings, it serves T and I and THAT'S IT. And we're pretty hungry afterwards too... :-P

  4. I like your doctor - tips and no meds. Ultimately, in yours condition, no one knows better than you how to deal with your own body. Hope you can now relax.

  5. I like my doctor too -- and she's my everything doctor; GP, GYN, etc. It's so reassuring to have a list of worries and find out that most things are harmless.

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