Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I brought all around town the "not-mine" Glass Dharma straw yesterday. Went out with a friend and grabbed chais (used my straw and chatted it up), and used it at work.

I discovered that, when using my glass straw, I became FULLY CONSCIOUS of the fact that my paper to-go cup should be recycled. And that there was no place to do so in the cafe. I simply started realizing exactly how much disposable waste I use! At work, I make a point usually to have a glass cup for drinking. Well, I added to that a plastic dish for ice cream instead of paper, and used my drinking glass for samples, instead of little paper cups.

I've never been that "gung-ho" recycling chick. I realize that I should be, and the fact that I'm discussing even stricter measures than recycling on here means I'm being an idiot about it, but it was still a huge slap in the face.

I spent the rest of my time with my friend talking about this awareness, recycling, and Glass Dharma -- she is not of the Doomer Persuasion, and I don't want to scare her off.

I know that recently I read a post on taking a vacation from your lifestyle -- only to have it follow you. That you CAN'T just go to the McD's and get a nasty burger with all of it's cardboard accoutrements. It just doesn't work that way once you've reached a certain level of awareness. [Can I remember who posted this? No. Guarantee they're on my sidebar though.]

Awareness. I will keep bringing my glass straws around -- I hope I get many many questions and strange looks.

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