Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So my order from FedCo arrived on Saturday -- now I just have to figure out what to do with all of it! Here's my rather optimistic, hopeful, newbie order:
- Cilantro (1 gram)
- German Chamomile (1 gram)
- Sweet Basil (4 grams)
- Bouquet Dill (4 grams)
- Heirloom Tomato Mix (1/5 gram)
- "Be My Baby Gene Pool" Cherry Tomato (1/5 gram)
- Rutgers Tomato (1/5 gram)
- Long Red Narrow Cayenne Pepper (1/2 gram)
- Melissa Savoy Cabbage (1/2 gram)
- Arugula (1/16 oz.)
- Salad Bowl Lettuce (2 grams)
- Sugar Snax 54 Carrot (1 gram)
- Sugar Baby Watermelon (1/16 oz.)
- Arava Cantaloupe (1 gram)
- General Lee Slicing Cuke (1/16 oz.)
- Raven Zucchini (1/8 oz.)
- Saffron Summer Squash (1/8 oz.)
- Baby Pam Pumpkin (1/4 oz.)
- Small Ornamental Gourds Mix (1/8 oz.)
- Tiger Eye Dry Bean (2 oz.)
- Vermont Cranberry Shell/Dry Bean (2 oz.)
- Indy Gold Bush Wax Bean (2 oz.)
- Midnight Black Turtle Dry Bean (2 oz.)
- Lincoln Shell Pea (2 oz.)
- Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea (2 oz.)

Woof! We'll see how well any if all of them turn out! My worries are where I'm going to find space for it all... I'll probably mostly be doing container gardening, with some on the boy's deck, and some outside. A few problems with this: I don't have anything set up for starting plants inside, I don't have anything set up for plants that require runners, and my cat eats plants!

Now I have to figure out the schedule for planting...

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