Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Over at the Just in Case Book blog, she made a post today about where to find ridiculously cheap, food-grade storage buckets. Does that sound like useful information to you? It does to me!

There's the website. They have storage containers, storage aids (like drying packets and such), shelf stable food, and manners of cooking said food. Their tag line is: "We make preparing possible! Delivering Peace of Mind through preparation!" along with a kitchy little pic of a 1950s style mom. Because everyone knows, Mom back in the day could fix anything. :-P [N.B. they appear to be Mormons, so if you have a problem with that, you know now!]

In reading the JiCBB (Just in Case Book Blog -- too lazy to fully write it), she talks about the prep for what will basically be the end times -- i.e., her son keeps 5 jugs of gas in his basement, so that when the world ends, he can get to his mom's house. Isn't that kinda cute? As well as very doomer. I approve.

But that brings to mind: how would I manage if the world ended tomorrow? I'm not sure, but probably not that well. [Side note, why does the teakettle smell like soup cooking...? Whoops! Wrong burner!] Just that, is an example. We don't have any alternate form of cooking! Well, we have a small grill, but that runs on propane, and I'm sad to say, it noms it up ridiculously fast. So if I were to have that as my backup plan, I should probably get more propane cans. Then, I have the crockpot (if the electric still runs but not the gas lines -- you never know!), but that should not be counted on. Now, I love Zu'ul, and we are perhaps MORE prepared than a lot, but there is so much to be done.

Items Needed To Survive the Apocalypse

-- large, full pantry and root cellar (halfway there I feel)
-- alternate source of heat
-- alternate form of cooking
-- source of transportation independent upon outside influences (Dan has a bike -- if the apocalypse was tomorrow, I'd get my bike from my mother)
-- cat food stockpiled
-- medicine stockpiled (VERY important, and probably very difficult)
-- manner of paying rent (ouch)
-- water stockpiled (we have some)

I'm trying to think of what else -- basic necessities are: food, water and shelter. Yet, I feel that if we dropped into a barter economy tomorrow, we'd be ok. We'll be better when we get the chickens from Beth! :-D Oh fresh eggs to eat and to barter... looking forward to it.

The dependence upon the stove does bother me -- if we were using a wood burning cookstove, that would also be heat! Two birds with one stone. Ah well -- that is waiting for the day I have my own place.


  1. Why not barter on! There you find everything you need - from buckets to services or cat food to a real estate!

  2. Hmm... never knew about this site! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Have you considered a kerosene stove for back up heat? Ours heats very efficiently on very little fuel. We used ours when we lost power a few weeks ago and it got hot enough to warm the house AND cook a pot of dried beans. Might be worth looking into!

  4. I will look into it -- I had figured that most alternate cooking apparatus' would require a fair amount of space. If it does come down to it, I have a gas grill that is portable.